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When you need a high-quality, dependable container at a market leading price, BSL Containers is ready to help you meet your needs. All we do is make sure customers like you get the sturdy and dependable container they need to make their businesses successful. We are a proven industry leader in the construction of containers ?give us the opportunity to show off our low prices and quality workmanship, and you will not be disappointed.


Do not think that your business is to small to have its own containers. In many cases, it is the best economical decision, especially when you factor in the cost of wasted goods that could result from relying on a poorly made container. We have experience dealing with all kinds of businesses. Whether you are a major international corporation, or a small business just entering the exciting world of international trade, we are ready to help you find the perfect container for your goods. Whether you need one container or a whole fleet of containers, we have what you are looking for to meet your shipping requirements.


No matter what your specifications are, we can produce the container you need. Do you need something out of the ordinary? Our factory is equipped to handle customer-designed orders, from 30?containers to 5?mini-containers. Of course, if you want a standard, certified container, we offer the full range of products: 40?and 20?models, with either double doors, an open top, an open side and high roof options. All our standard models conform to ISO Container Standards, and are ready for T.I.R. Certification, C.S.C. Certification, and national certifications.


On top of being certified, our products are guaranteed to be made of the highest-quality materials and with the finest workmanship in the industry. Every one of our containers is made with high-grade Corten steel and Hempel marine paint. That means that any container you purchase from us has been built to stand the test of time. No matter what mother nature throws at it, it will withstand the forces of nature and keep your goods safe and sound.


We know our products are this good because we actually make them ourselves. We do not just resell products that other manufacturers have made. We take pride in building your container ourselves form start to finish. By doing this, we can ensure that everything we sell meets our high standards for quality control. When you use BSL Containers, you can rest assured that you have purchased a container that will keep your goods in one piece.


As a player in international trade, your main concern is that your goods will be shipped around the world in a safe and quick manner. We can help you with getting your goods to their destination on time, but we can ensure that when they arrive, they will not be in a thousand pieces. By investing in a quality container right now, you can prevent serious financial losses in the future if you rely on inferior products. Do not risk a second rate manufacturer or reseller. Trust the professionals ?this is all we do, and we do it well.


BSL Containers understands the requirements and pressures of businesses that ship goods overseas to foreign destinations. We are ready and able to assist you meet all of your packing requirements. We are a respected industry force, not an overnight operation. Trust in BSL Containers, you go to sleep with the knowledge that your goods are safe and sound. When your goods arrive safely, then we know we will have gained one more satisfied customer.