Storage Containers Business

The constant factor of modern businesses – no matter what industry or sector – is that goods will always be on the go. The quick and secure movement of goods is a defining feature of modern international and domestic commerce. In order to participate as a full player in the modern economy, you need a dependable mobile storage solution.

BLS Containers is you best bet for high-quality mobile storage containers. BSL is a professional shipping and storage container manufacturer. We are completely focused on manufacturing high quality storage solutions because that is all we do – we think about your storage needs 24/7 so you do not have to!

Why is it important to use mobile storage from BSL Containers? Because as a business your goods are one of your most valuable assets. You need to ensure that your mobile storage containers are secure, and that your goods will be safe as they travel over potentially long distances. No matter how impressive your goods where when they left their starting point, if they arrive at their destination crushed beyond all recognition, they will be worth nothing.

When you use mobile storage containers from BSL Containers, you can rest easy that your goods will be protected. We do not resell products other unproven companies have made, and we do not sell refurbished containers. We only sell top quality new mobile storage containers. When you buy a product from us, you can rest assured you are buying a well constructed item that we have put a lot of time and effort into.

Every product that we sell has been constructed and assembled in our own factory by our highly trained and skilled workers using only the highest-quality materials. This means the container will be made with high-grade Corten steel, protected on the inside and outside by the Hempel marine paint system. Additionally, all our factory-made products are made according to ISO Container Standards, and are certified for T.I.R. Certification, C.S.C. Certification, and all major national inspection programs. That means that your mobile storage containers will be ready to be slotted into all major existing storage and transportation systems.

Whether you are a small business, a medium business, or a major international corporation, we can meet your mobile storage needs. Ask us for a quote, and see just how competitive our rates are – you will be surprised at how little you have to pay to get a truly top quality product. But that is why we are an industry leader in offering competitive pricing for our products. Whether you need a single container or a whole fleet of containers, BSL Containers can offer you the highest quality products on the market for exceptional prices.

We have a full range of standard sizes and capacities on stock to meet your mobile storage needs quickly. This means standard 20’ and 40’ models, as well as container sets down to 5’ (with optional high cube dimensions). If you need a non-standard sizes for your mobile storage containers, we would be more than happy to accommodate your specific needs and produce custom-made mobile storage containers. That is just one of the many advantages of building our mobile storage containers on site.

We understand that you need to know for the sake of your business that you are storing and moving your goods in the most safe, economical, and efficient manner possible. BSL Containers offers you a proven and dependable way to move your goods around the world in a safe and secure manner. We are an established industry company with a highly regarded reputation that you can trust to deliver a complete mobile storage solution that will meet your specific business needs.


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