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In a way, it is not fair to compare marine containers to offshore containers for the fact that marine containers do not have to go through the certifications that offshore containers have to go through. They also do not go through the same stringent production process.

10ft Offshore Containers

10ft Offshore Containers


  • There are specific drawings, specifications, and procedures that are followed in the production process. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that all procedures performed are of a high quality. The manufacturer also needs to present a quality plan for acceptance before production can ever begin. This means that production documents need to be presented and inspected before anyone makes a move in the process.
  • The quality management system that oversees the quality of the production process must be approved by the society that provides the certification (DNV). Even if the quality management system is not totally satisfactory, the DNV may see if consideration for the containers is still possible.
  • The materials used in the primary structure must be documented. It is also printed on the finished product.
  • Any welders working on the offshore containers need to be approved by the DNV. The welding procedures must also be approved. Welds are also subject to visual inspection and a non-destructive examination.
  • A secondary structure may be required to keep the cargo from falling out of the container and keep water out. This is also heavily monitored.
  • After the offshore container is finished, a lifting test will be performed, a weatherproofness test, and the certification of the container relies on about 14 different pieces of documentation. A surveyor will also inspect and will determine whether the offshore container is certifiable or not.

What is amazing is that a lot goes into the production process, but it is a process that is rather seamless. Because numerous containers may need to be manufactured, it is important to keep the assembly line going. But what is crucial is that the whole process results in offshore containers that will last for a very long time and keep the cargo secure.

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