Economy depends on Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers 20'

Shipping Containers 20'

The new global economy that has captivated the world’s attention since the 1950s has been built on the back of what at first seems like a fairly simple product: the shipping container. It has been the moved towards the almost universal adoption of a standard shipping container that has made it so easy to ship goods around the world. Thanks to the use of common standards, the time and expense of shipping goods between any tow points on the planet has fallen dramatically in the last few decades. When looking for a dependable shipping container, you can put your trust in BSL Containers, a professional shipping container manufacturer. We are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality shipping container for the best price possible. This is all we do, and we are good at it. If you need a single shipping container, come talk to us. If you need a whole fleet of shipping containers, come talk to us. Whether you are a small or medium sized enterprise, a major regional player, or a massive multimillion dollar corporation, we can help you meet your storage and shipping needs. Trust in BSL Containers to give you the high quality shipping container you need every time. BSL Containers is the best place to purchase a shipping container because we only manufacture high quality products. It is important to only use high quality containers because, as the containers travel all over the globe, they are sure to take a lot of abuse. Getting loaded onto and off a cargo ship is not a gentle experience. You have to know your shipping container will hold up to the pressure. Indeed, your business could be riding on the quality of your container. Just think of how much money and time would be wasted if water leaked into your container because its joints were poorly welded, or if the doors of the container swung open in mid cruise, spilling your goods all over the North Atlantic. If you are going to trust a sub-standard container, you might as well just go ahead and throw out your goods. When you use a shipping container from BSL Containers, you know your goods will be safe and secure no matter where they are in the world. We build every container ourselves. And we only use the highest quality materials: Hempel marine paint systems and high-grade Corten steel. Furthermore, when you use a shipping container from BSL Containers, you can rest assured that you are buying a fully certified product. All our shipping containers adhere to ISO Container Standards, T.I.R. Certification, C.S.C. Certification, and are certified for national inspections. Using certified containers means your container will be interoperable with all major ports and transportation systems. BSL Containers can provide you with a full range of shipping containers. Whether you need one container, or a whole fleet of container, BSL Containers can meet your needs with a wide array of high quality shipping containers. If you have more specialized needs, we can help you design and manufacture custom-made specialty containers. If you need a standardized model, we have a full range of 40’ and 20’ containers, in double door, open top, open side and high models. We can also provide you with container sets, ranging from 10’ to 5’. BSL Containers understands your business at its most basic element: you need to get your goods from start to finish in a secure, fast and economical manner. Using a shipping container from BSL Containers give you a safe and secure way to move your goods to destinations all over the world.


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