Cargo containers – Intermodal

Shipping Containers 20ft

Shipping Containers 20ft

are changing the international economy into a truly global economy. When people think of cargo containers, they are usually quick to think of massive cargo ships, laden with row upon row of cargos. These cargo ships can be massive – as large as 400 meters long – and carry millions and millions of dollars worth of goods from port to port around the world every day. There has never been an easier and more convenient way to ship goods to overseas destinations, and it is all thanks to cargo containers.

Our cargo containers are so useful in facilitating international trade because they are built to accord with international standards, including ISO Container Standards, T.I.R. Certification, and C.S.C. Certification. In addition, all the cargo containers we build are read to be certified by national inspection bodies. Having universal standards means that our cargo containers can be loaded and unloaded at every major port around the world, and placed on ships and trucks with relative ease.

When looking for cargo containers to start shipping your goods around the world, you should take the opportunity to make a solid investment in your business. Do not throw your money away on a poorly made container. All you will be doing is putting your goods at risk. Imagine all the time and money that would be wasted if your container sprung a leak in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, or if a door flew open while the container was being transported from the dock to the ship!

When you use cargo containers from BSL Containers, you can rest easy knowing that your goods will be safe and sound. Protected by our sturdy containers, your goods will arrive in one piece and in as good condition as they were when they were sent.

Why should you trust us to produce the best cargo containers? Because we are an established and recognized industry leader in the field of freight shipping. All we do is design and manufacture high-quality shipping containers. That means we do not both reselling other people’s containers, or used containers. Every container we sell is designed and assembled at our own factory by our own workers. Every container we sell is guaranteed to be made with the highest skill and with the highest quality materials. Using high-quality materials ensures that are cargo containers will stand the test of time. Because it is so important for the containers to be well made, we use only high grade Corton steel and Hempel marine paint.

No matter what the size of your company is, from a major international corporation to a mom and pop operation, BSL Containers can help you meet and exceed your freight shipping needs. Whether your need a standard 20’ or 40’ container, or whether you have a specific need that can be addressed through our custom design process, we will sell you a product you will be happy with and can trust for years to come.

BSL Containers has an enviable reputation in the industry for designing and producing top quality cargo containers and selling them at market leading prices. Try our products and see why we gained such a good reputation. When participating in the active world economy, your reputation and your livelihood are resting on your goods arriving at their final destination in one piece. Do not take a chance with your business. Trust in BSL Containers to get it right the first time, and stop worrying about your goods being lost at sea. When you use BSL Containers, you can move your attention to more pressing matters – leave the safety of your goods to us!


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