Freight shipping – BSL Containers

Freight shipping is leading the charge towards a truly global economy. When people think of freight shipping, the images that usually come to mind are massive cargo ships. This image is not too far off the mark. Cargo ships do play an important role in shipping goods around the world ?literally millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars worth of goods travel on cargo ships every day. And cargo ships can be massive ?the largest cargo ship currently in operation is almost 400 meters long! Compared to the obvious impressiveness of cargo ships, the real star of the freight shipping revolution is quite modest: the shipping container.


The shipping container is what makes freight shipping work. Through the development of uniform standards used by businesses and governments worldwide, shipping containers have allowed goods to flow in and out of ports all over the world quickly and with minimal hassle.


If you are involved in freight shipping, you likely already know the value of a sturdy, well-made shipping container. You know your considerable investment will be wasted if you rely on a shoddy shipping container that lets in water while in transit, or breaks open and deposits your goods on the high seas.


To succeed in freight shipping, trust in BSL Containers. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of high-quality shipping containers. We do not sell other people shipping containers ?we make them ourselves at our own factory and with our own talented workmen. This means that every shipping container your purchase from us is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and the product of the finest workmanship. It also means that your shipping container will only be built with the best materials available: high grade Corton steel and Hempel marine paint. These are containers that are built to last. Any container used for freight shipping is going to face its fair share of bruises, and will be exposed to enough water to last a life time. When you rely on our products, you can rest easy that the elements will not take their tool on your goods.


Whether you are a small and medium sized business, or a major transnational corporation, BSL Containers is ready and able to meet your freight shipping needs. We offer a full range of products, from ISO certified standard shipping sizes (with an array of opening options, such as double doors or top doors), to custom designed containers for your unique shipping requirements. Let us know what your needs are, and we will come up with a solution. Making dependable shipping containers is all that we do, and we do it well. Come to us with your requirements, and we can work with you to develop a comprehensive freight shipping solution that will see your goods sent around the world in a safe and secure container.


BSL Containers can help you meet your freight shipping needs. We have built a reputation on our quality containers and market leading prices. Let us show you how we got to where we are today ?proven leaders in the field of container construction. Trust in us, and you will not be disappointed.


We understand that freight shipping can be a stressful task for even the largest of companies. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that when you ship your goods in containers made by BSL Containers, you can go to sleep with the knowledge that your goods are safe and sound. When your goods arrive safely, then we know we will have gained one more satisfied freight shipping customer.


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